Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


29th session of the Human Rights Council

Panel discussion on realising the equal enjoyment of the right to education by every girl

Statement by Australia

Australia welcomes the panel discussion on realising the equal enjoyment of the right to education for every girl.

Australia is committed to gender equality, and empowering women to fully participate in economic, social and political life.

Australia recognises education for girls as a fundamental ‘multiplier right’, the foundation for many other human rights.

Access to good education for all girls promotes gender equality, and improves broader development outcomes for whole communities. This must include access to education beyond primary levels.

We welcome discussion to address some of the pervasive barriers to girls’ education. Legal, socio-cultural and economic barriers, as well as physical barriers, like safety and security in schools, or inadequate toilet facilities, all impact. Girls with disability, and girls from other vulnerable groups, including ethnic minorities and those from rural areas, do not have the same access to education as other children.

Australia recognises that gender-based violence is a serious barrier to girls’ education, both in times of conflict and peace, that must be addressed.

Australia’s development programs support access to quality learning for all and have a special focus on gender equality.

We welcome the panel’s views on how the impact of domestic violence in the home can impact on girls’ ability to access education.