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Bern and Geneva
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


CCW Meeting of the High Contracting Parties

22 November 2018

Agenda Item 15 : Financial Issues Related to the Convention and its Annexed Protocols


Mr Chairman, in addition to the statement made by France earlier today, we join others in expressing concerned that the current financial situation confronting the CCW has implications for its long-term viability.

We have carefully examined various solutions that have been proposed to address the issue.

However, Mr Chairman, we agree with the observation that no measures addressing cash flow issues will remedy non-payment of assessed contributions by some HCPs.

We appreciate that High Contracting Parties face domestic budgetary pressures from time to time including financial cycles that affect their ability to pay on time.  That said, we firmly believe that HCPs must provide the CCW with the means to do its work.  Financial contributions that are paid on time and in full are crucial to the long-term sustainability of the CCW.

With respect to some of the proposals, we understand the rationale behind the proposal for a CCW voluntary reserve

  • such a reserve would provide temporary financial relief to the CCW 
  • however we do not see how those HCPs that are failing to meet their assessed contributions at the present time would be able to contribute to the Reserve.
  • We welcome Mr President your confirmation that the terms of reference of a voluntary reserve or contingency fund would state that neither would be used to pay arrears of assessed contributions from some HCPs.

Mr President, we remain interested in the work that is being undertaken intersessionally to try and resolve financial or budgetary difficulties confronting the CCW and assure you of Australia’s full support in finding an effective solution to the CCW’s budgetary difficulties.