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Certifying photographs and copies of original documents

Certifying photographs and copies of original documents

We can certify some photographs and true copies of documents overseas. We cannot tell you if you need a photograph or true copy certified, or if DFAT must do it. Ask the receiving authority if you need it certified and who can do it for you. In many cases, you can find a local authorised person to do it for you. Documents must be Australian or for use in Australia.

Important information

  • We apply the following certification: "This is a true copy of the document presented to me". This is DFAT approved wording. We will not alter it.
  • We do not certify or endorse the contents in your document. We only certify the copy is identical.
  • The photograph must be for use in Australia (e.g., driver’s license renewal). If it is for local use, you may need to find a local authority to certify it. Consular staff cannot sign photographs for Australian citizenship applications.
  • Photographs can only be certified in person at an appointment (when consular staff confirm you are the person in the picture and sights your valid photo identification, they will certify it). We will state that the photograph is "a true likeness of [your name]". This is DFAT approved wording. We will not alter it.

More information can be found at:  Notarial services overseas

Is an Appointment required?

Certified copies of documents can be completed by mail/post. Complete the Notarial Services Request and Payment Form.  

All other services must be in person at an appointment. 

Digital/Electronic Documents

Please note that digital/electronic documents require a different process. To have a printed copy of an electronic document certified as a true copy there are two options:

  • Forward the source email (email sent by the issuing authority) or ask the issuing authority to email the document to [email protected] to be printed by the notarial officer and certified as a true copy. We cannot use your access codes to login to your account.
  • If the original electronic document is accessible through a web portal, you must come in person to log on to this portal using your mobile device or the computer in our waiting area to show the notarial officer the source document which you then forward to [email protected] to be printed by the notarial officer and certified as a true copy.

If you require an appointment (e.g., for photographs or verification of identity), please see the notarial appointment information at the top of this page.

What to bring to your appointment?

  • Your passport.
  • Your original documents (we will make the copies).
  • Your credit/debit card for payment Fees - Passport and Notarial Services
  • Whether you apply in person or send by mail, the processing time is two business days. Your documents can either be mailed to you (postage fees apply) or collected in person at an appointment.