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Book an In-Person Appointment

Our online booking system is currently closed - Appointments for passport services can only be made by sending an email to: [email protected]. Appointments are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Geneva. There is currently a 2-3 week waiting time for appointments.

To schedule an appointment please provide the following in your email:

  1. In the subject line of your email: Last name, First Name – Passport Appointment
  2. The number of passports you are requiring, age of children and type of passport application (e.g., Adult Simplified Renewal, Adult First, Child First, Child Renewal, Adult/Child Name Change, Adult/Child Lost/Stolen/Damaged)
  3. Contact phone number and email address
  4. The names of parents/applicants attending the appointment
  5. Preferred ‘days’ (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) and ‘times’ (morning/afternoon) and where you will be arriving from
  6. If you require an urgent appointment - provide specific details of your urgency (e.g., evidence of confirmed travel plans).


Preparing Your Application

1.  Complete and print your application form online at the global website. For information on passport applications visit the Australian Passport Office website.


2.  Print, Sign and Date the application form 

- Ensure the top or bottom of the pages are not cut off (adjust printer settings - Shrink to Fit or Fit to Page settings).

- Ensure the signature to appear in your passport (or your child's) is inside the white box on the application. There can be no alterations to signatures and dates. Application forms containing overwritten dates or signatures will not be accepted. Ensure the date is correct.

- When using the PC8 form ensure all sections are signed (guarantor, parents, witness & child) before your interview. If no parental consent is required (ie for an adult) ensure the empty page is still presented as part of your application.

- Ensure the parental consent page (Page 4) is completed correctly before printing and signing. Specifically, ensure that the names in sections 13B and 14B are not left blank. Incorrectly executed parental consent will not be accepted.

- Parental consent requires that signatures are witnessed by a suitable witness - please read the declaration carefully before signing and ensure  that both parents sign in the presence of the witness. Passport staff cannot witness signatures.


3.  Obtain Two Passport Photos - Carefully check the photo specifications on the APO website as poor quality photos are the most common reason applications are rejected. Photos that do not meet the below requirements will result in a delay in the processing of your passport. More information on passport photos can be found at: Photo guidelines

- In addition to the two printed photos, we strongly recommend providing the digital format of your photos to accompany your application – you can send these to us via emali before your appointment.


4.  Prepare the supporting documents - When preparing for your appointment, use the checklists. (please be advised there are separate checklists for mailed-in renewals). Please refer to the previous page.

Adult - Simplified Renewal - PC7 - 1 page form - use this checklist if your most recent adult passport was issued after January 2006 or you are renewing due to full visa pages or minor damage *conditions apply - see previous page

Adult - All Other - First Adult - PC8 - 5 page form - use this checklist if your most recent passport was issued when you were a child or you have never held an Australian passport or your most recent adult passport was issued before 1 January 2006.

Child - PC8 5 - page form - use this checklist if this is for a First Child Passport or for a Child aged 16/17 or in-person appointment to lodge a child passport renewal for a child aged 15 or under. 

Name Change - PC8 - 5 page form - use this checklist if you are changing your name in your passport.

Replace a Seriously Damaged, Lost, Stolen or Emergency Passport - PC8 - 5 page form - use this checklist if you are replacing a seriously damaged, lost or stolen passport.

Guarantor/Referee Information 

Original documents located in Australia or another Country


5. Request an in-person appointment to lodge your application. Please see the ‘Appointment’ information at the top of this page for information on how to book an appointment. Adult and Child passport renewals (excluding ages 16/17), can now be renewed by mail. Please see the sections "Applying by Mail" on our main passports page.

- Child First passports, Child Emergency passports and all child applications from neigbouring countries - BOTH parents are required at the appointment.

- Child Renewal passports, we strongly recommend both parents attend the appointment. If one parent is unable to attend the appointment then they must be contactable by phone in the 24 hours after the appointment.

  • Children aged 16-17 years must attend the appointment with their parents
  • Children aged 0-15 years are not required to attend the appointment.


6.  Allow 4-6 weeks for your new passport to arrive.

- You can keep your current passport valid while your new one is being processed.

- We are unable to post passports outside of Switzerland. You can opt to collect your new passport in person from the Consulate in Geneva.


7.  Additional passport information

Passport Fees and payment methods

Report a lost or stolen passport

Passport care 

How to apply for Australian citizenship

Travelling as a Dual Citizen


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) uses third-party software (Setmore) to manage the Consulate-General's appointments. Your personal information (including your name and contact details) will be collected by DFAT via Setmore to book your appointment and for related purposes.  By proceeding with this booking, you are consenting to the collection of this information by Setmore on DFAT's behalf for these purposes.  If this information is not collected, DFAT's ability to arrange your appointment will be limited.  Your personal information will be handled by Setmore in accordance with Setmore's Privacy Policy, and by DFAT in accordance with DFAT's Privacy Policy.