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Agricultural - Trade Distorting Support Calculator

Agricultural - Trade Distorting Support Calculator

  Version 5.1

The Trade Distorting Support for Agriculture Calculator allows Members to quickly and easily forecast limits and spending under the Agreement on Agriculture. It also allows Members to model Overall Trade Distorting Support (OTDS) limits and modifications to current limits under the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA).

Video Tutorials

The Australian Permanent Mission to the WTO has recorded a series of tutorial videos on the Trade Distorting Support Calculator. These cover what the calculator can do, its methodology and include step by step instructions on how to use each of its main features.


Trade Distorting Domestic Support Calculator (Full Playlist)

The Cairns Group

Australia is proud to be the coordinator of the Cairns Group, a unique coalition of 19 developed and developing agricultural exporting WTO Members with a commitment to achieving free trade in agriculture. You can read more about the Cairns Group and its work on its website:

Questions and Feedback


The Australian Permanent Mission to the WTO welcomes any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions for additional features. Please send these to Dmitry Grozoubinski, 2nd Secretary, at: [email protected]