Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Human Rights Council - 30th Regular Session

Item 10 - Interactive Dialogue on the High Commissioner’s Report on Ukraine

Australian Statement

29 September 2015

The human rights situation in eastern Ukraine underlines the need for a resolution to the conflict. Australia calls on all parties to fully implement the Minsk agreements, including allowing access for legitimate humanitarian organisations. Australia is pleased that the renewal of the ceasefire on 1 September led to a reduction of violence in eastern Ukraine. Australia fully supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The report found that conflict has claimed 7,883 lives up until August 2015 and displaced over 1.4 million people. This is unacceptable. Australia is deeply concerned by findings of grave human rights abuses – including killings, abductions, torture and sexual violence – perpetrated in the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed ‘Donestk people’s republic’ and the ‘Luhansk people’s republic’. Further, human rights violations continue to be committed by de facto authorities in Crimea. We also note allegations of ill treatment of detainees by Ukrainian authorities.

Promoting respect for and preventing the violation of human rights must be a priority. The Government of Ukraine has primary responsibility for protection of its population from violations of human rights.

We are pleased that Ukraine has lodged a declaration under the Rome Statute accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court from 20 February 2014. We hope this paves the way for greater accountability for crimes committed during the Maidan protests and since then.