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Election Information


A Victorian State Election has been announced  for 24 November 2018. The Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General in Geneva will be offering voting services from 12 November to 23 November 2018. Further details will be published on the website closer to the date.

Federal and State Elections - Voting Overseas

Application to register as an Overseas Elector

If you are already enrolled to vote at Commonwealth elections and you are going overseas with an intention to return to Australia within 6 years, you may apply to be registered as an Overseas Elector. This will ensure that your name is not removed from the roll and that you can vote while you are outside Australia. If you are not already enrolled and you are living outside Australia, you may still be entitled to enrol - see below for further information.


Provided you are already enrolled to vote, you can register as an Overseas Elector during the 3 months before your expected date of departure or up to 1 year after you have left Australia. Your registration is valid for 6 years after leaving Australia. If, after leaving Australia, you find that you will be away for more than 6 years, you can apply to the Divisional Returning Officer to have your registration for Commonwealth elections extended by 1 year each time. You will also be registered as an Overseas Elector for State/Territory elections if you are enrolled in NSW, VIC, ACT and NT. As provisions for registration and enrolment of Overseas Electors for State and Territory elections can vary, please contact the Australian Electoral Commission or the relevant State or Territory Electoral Office if you require more information.

Do I have to vote ?

No, you do not have to vote at a Commonwealth election while you are not living in Australia. However, if you do not vote or do not apply for a postal vote at a general election, your registration and electoral enrolment may be cancelled.

Overseas voting arrangements - Commonwealth

If a Commonwealth general election is held while you are overseas you may be able to vote in person at the Australian Diplomatic Mission nearest to you before polling day. (Due to the time difference it is not possible for Geneva to open on polling day). This special provision applies only to voting at Commonwealth elections. If you cannot vote in person, you may apply for a postal vote. Arranging a postal vote is your responsibility, however, Geneva will provide you with the information on how to proceed.

Overseas voting arrangmenets - State or Territory

Contact your State or Territory electoral authority for information about voting while you are overseas.

Where can I get more information ?

You can obtain further information on electoral enrolment and registration as an Overseas Elector for Commonwealth and for State or Territory purposes at any office of the Australian Electoral Commission by telephoning +612 6271 4411 or from the Australian Electoral Commission\'s website at

If you are not enrolled and you are living outside Australia, you may still be entitled to enrol. Information about this is shown on the form \'Application for enrolment from outside Australia\' which is available from all AEC offices, Australian Diplomatic Missions and the AEC\'s website at

Enrolment by the spouse or children of an Overseas Elector

The spouse or children of Overseas Electors may also have an entitlement to enrol to vote and to register as an Overseas Elector if they were under 18 years of age when they left Australia and are still living overseas. Special enrolment forms containing further information are available from Australian Diplomatic Missions.

State and Territory offices web sites for each of the state / territory offices are:




This website will provide information on current State and Federal elections as they become known.