Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 21st Session

Universal Periodic Review of Kenya

22 January 2015

Australia welcomes Kenya’s engagement in the UPR process and commends the peaceful conduct of Kenya’s 2013 election. We are, however, concerned at the lack of justice and accountability in relation to the 2007-08 post-election violence.

Australia also remains concerned that civil society and human rights defenders experience intimidation and ill-treatment by authorities and that harassment of journalists has resulted in self-censorship. Australia recommends Kenya ensure full respect for freedom of expression and the press.

Reports of extrajudicial killings and other abuses by police forces demonstrate a need for greater accountability and civilian oversight. Australia recommends Kenya ensure greater accountability and transparency of security forces, including publishing the results of investigations by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority.

Australia is pleased with Kenya’s suspension of the death penalty. Australia recommends Kenya formalise its moratorium on the death penalty, with a view to its full abolition.