Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Mine Ban Convention - Intersessionals


Statement by Australia

9 March 2014

Australia would like to thank the Co-Chairs for their efforts in following up and engaging with States Parties facing allegations of non-compliance with the Convention. Such efforts are important for maintaining the credibility of this Convention.

Australia is deeply concerned about allegations of use of anti-personnel mines, especially by States Parties.

If allegations are verified, not only is such use contrary to the Convention, but as we all know, the use of anti-personnel landmines has dire humanitarian consequences long after the cessation of conflict.

We join others in thanking the delegation of Yemen for submitting, as had been requested by the 13MSP, an interim report to the President and for its statement today in relation to land mine use that had occurred in Yemen during the political and military crisis in 2011. We look forward to the updates that Yemen has undertaken today to further provide.

Australia would also look forward to hearing further from those States where allegations have been made about non-compliance and use of landmines, and who have yet to provide information. Australia urges all States Parties that are allegedly in non-compliance to demonstrate their commitment to this Convention by ensuring that there is no further use and by urgently proceeding with the clearance of contaminated areas in order to avoid further casualties.

I thank you.