Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Selling or Buying Property in Australia


The Australian Consulate-General can witness your signature on some land, mortgage or property documents, certify documents and complete the DFAT Identity Certificate. We cannot provide legal advice.

Things to bring to your appointment:

  1. A letter from your Australian legal practitioner, law practice licensed conveyancer, or mortgagee (bank etc.) asking the Consulate to witness your mortgage documents, complete a DFAT identity certificate and certify your documents. The letter should list exactly how many copies of each document are required (see step 2).
  2. Your documents for witnessing (do not sign before the appointment),
  3. Your passport and other documents to be certified. You will need to have photo ID that matches the name on the document you are signing.

Identifiers Certificates' or 'Verification of Identity Certificates'
The Consulate can complete the DFAT Identity Certificate for land, property or mortgage transactions.  The Consulate will not sign any other 'Identifiers Certificates' or 'Verification of Identity Certificates'.  Check your requirements with your Australian representative and ask them if you need a DFAT Identity Certificate before visiting the Australian Consulate. 

Please note the Consulate cannot sign DFAT Identity Certificate on its own. The certificate states that the consular officer needs to witness the applicant execute a document such as client authorisation, transfer of land, mortgage of land etc.  This means if you require the Consulate to complete the DFAT Identity Certificate, we will also need to witness the execution of a land, property or mortgage document.

For Further information please see the Smartraveller website:

This service can ONLY be provided in-person, by appointment.