Australia in Switzerland
Bern and Geneva
Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Applying by Mail – Eligible PC7 Adult Renewals only

The Australian Consulate-General in Geneva now accepts mailed-in applications for PC7 Adult Renewals for passports.

Please follow the below guidelines carefully to ensure your application is completed and received by us correctly. Applications received by mail containing errors or missing documents will be returned to you unprocessed at your cost. 


Check your eligibility:

To be eligible to renew your Australian Adult Passport by mail, you must be 18 years and over and you will need a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older
  • was issued on or after 1 January 2006
  • had, when it was issued, at least two years’ validity
  • has your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and
  • has not been reported lost, stolen, or cancelled.
  • is not being replaced due to minor damage or full visa pages

If your passport does not meet the above criteria, you will need to book an appointment to lodge your application in person.



To prepare your mailed-in passport application complete this checklist. Please ensure you read and complete the checklist carefully. Applications received by mail containing errors or missing documents will be returned to you unprocessed at your cost. 



For all mailed-in passport applications you are now required to include a stamped (CHF 6.30), self-addressed return envelope (C5 size). Prepaid Registered mail stickers are not accepted.

Passports can only be mailed within Switzerland.

Alternatively, you can collect your passport in person from the Consulate-General in Geneva.   



All mailed-in passport applications will be charged in Australian dollars (AUD) (subject to exchange rates and any overseas transaction fees).

Once your passport application has been received and processed, we will advise you by email. An official receipt for payment will be attached to this email.

Current processing times remain around 4-6 weeks.


Urgent Travel:

If you have urgent travel, you may be eligible to apply for an Emergency passport. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. You will be required to attend an appointment in person at the Consulate in Geneva. You will be requested to provide evidence of the urgency.


We look forward to receiving your passport renewal application in the mail. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have further questions.