Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Human Rights Council - 27th Regular Session

Panel on Accelerating Global Efforts to End Violence Against Children

Statement by Australia
23 September 2014

Australia commends the Council for recognising the serious consequences of violence against children, particularly in relation to learning and development. Australia welcomes efforts to share good practice and lessons learned in preventing and responding to violence against children.

Domestically, Australia has two strategies to improve the safety and wellbeing of children. The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 emphasises universal support, prevention and early intervention for vulnerable children and their families.

The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2020 supports efforts to build support for children who have experienced, witnessed or been exposed to violence. Australia also has a strong coordinated response to child trafficking, early and forced marriage, and child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism.

In 2013, Australia appointed its first National Children’s Commissioner to advocate for children’s rights, with a statutory function to pay particular attention to children who are at risk.

Internationally, Australia will continue to play its part to ensure children are protected from violence and exploitation and their rights are respected, including through our aid program and its associated Child Protection Policy.

Changing attitudes and behaviours towards violence against children remains a challenge. Australia would welcome the panel’s insights on how people’s attitudes towards violence against children can be most effectively changed.