Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


13th Meeting of State Parties
Agenda 11: Compliance
Statement by Australia

5 December 2013

Statement delivered by Ms Anne Giles.

Thank you Mr President, we congratulate you on your efforts in following up and engaging with States Parties facing allegations of non-compliance with the Convention.

With other States Parties, Australia is deeply concerned about allegations of use of anti-personnel mines, particularly concerning States Parties of the Convention.

We thank those delegations who have, this week, provided further information in response to such allegations of use. We are particularly encouraged by the delegation of Yemen’s transparency in confirming land mine use having occurred in Yemen during the political and military crisis in 2011 and on investigatory action taken. We note Yemen’s commitment to providing assistance to victims.

Australia also looks forward to hearing further from those States where allegations have been made and who are yet to provide information. We hope to receive information, as soon as possible, on methods of investigations into allegations of use and on subsequent results of investigations.

If the allegations are verified, not only is such use contrary to the growing international consensus established by the convention against the use of anti-personnel mines, but, as we are all aware, the use of mines has dire humanitarian consequences long after the cessation of conflicts. It is unacceptable that civilians should suffer the long-term effects of these weapons.

In a spirit of cooperation in facilitating compliance, we call on these States Parties to demonstrate responsibility and transparency in responding to allegations of land mine use. Where the use of landmines or the illegal retention of stockpiles is verified, we urge States Parties to hold those responsible accountable under applicable national legislation.

Australia urges States Parties that are allegedly in non-compliance to demonstrate their commitment to this Convention by ensuring that there is no further use and by urgently proceeding with the clearance of contaminated areas in order to avoid further casualties.

I thank you, Mr President.