Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Statement 116

Human Rights Council – HRC14

Australian statement – “Freedom Flotilla”

The Australian Government is shocked and saddened by this terrible incident.
Australia deplores the violence and loss of life, and calls on Israel to undertake a credible investigation into the incident.

The continuing humanitarian situation in Gaza is of deep concern to Australia. Australia has repeatedly voiced concerns over the humanitarian situation and I take this opportunity to reiterate the Australian Government’s view that Gaza’s border controls should be eased for the purpose of the delivery of humanitarian supplies and aid.

We also understand that Israel has genuine security concerns.

A just, enduring and sustainable peace in the Middle East is the only way that further tragedies such as this can be avoided.

And Australia will continue to lend its strong support to efforts to get Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace negotiations. We strongly urge the parties not to allow this incident to derail these efforts.