Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Geneva, Switzerland
Address: Chemin des Fins 2, Case Postale 102, 1211 Geneva 19 - Telephone: 022 799 9100 - Fax: 022 799 9178

Processing Times

Normal Processing

We are committed to prompt processing of passport applications made overseas at any Australian diplomatic mission or consulate. You should normally allow up to three weeks to receive a new passport.

Urgent Applications

If you cannot wait up to three weeks to receive a new passport, an Emergency Passport with a limited validity may be available to applicants who satisfy certain requirements and show a genuine need for the passport to be issued. This service attracts an additional Priority Processing Fee. Further enquiries about Emergency Passports should be made by calling the Passports Office in Geneva on 022 799 9156. 

Fees and Payment

Under the Consular Fees Act of 1955 a scale of fees apply to Passport and Notarial services.

Fees are subject to change on a monthly basis due to exchange rate movements between the Australian Dollar and Swiss Franc. Updated fees will be available on the website by 10am on the first working day of the month. New fees will apply for all applications received at the Consulate-General from the first working day of the month.

Please note, if your payment is transferred towards the end of the month and your application is not received at the Consulate-General until the following month, you will be either refunded the difference if there is a reduction in fees or required to pay the additional amount if there has been a fee increase.

If you are attending an appointment in person, please note that fees are payable in cash at the time of appointment.

There are no credit card facilities.

Fees are subject to change on a monthly basis. Payment must be made in Swiss Francs only.


March 2015 Ordinary Passport
(32 pages)
Frequent Traveller
(64 pages)
Usual Validity
Adult CHF 186.00 CHF 280.00 10 years
Senior CHF 93.00 CHF 140.00 5 years
Minor CHF 93.00 CHF 140.00 5 years

Emergency Passports (Limited Validity)
Priority Processing Fee
The guaranteed service of two working days (48 hours) is dependent on passport staff receiving all information required for the issue of the document. This priority service only applies to Emergency Passports 
CHF 83.00
Lost or stolen passports
One lost or stolen in 5 years CHF 83.00
Two lost or stolen in 5 years CHF 186.00
Three lost or stolen in 5 years CHF 373.00

 Please see the Australian Passports Office website for information on passport fees in Australia.

• If lodging in person at the Consulate-General in Geneva, payment must be made in cash.

• If lodging by mail, payment is to be made by bank transfer payable to:
Name: The Australian Consulate Official Account
Bank: UBS, case postale, 1211 Genève 2
Account number: 240-211813.00E
IBAN: CH67 0024 0240 2118 1300 E

• A copy of the bank transaction must be sent with the passport application.

If you have any questions concerning payment please contact the passport office on +41(0) 022 799 9100.